Les Petits Maîtres - Revisited
( The Small Masters )

A selection of paintings and other unique works by the European Minor Impressionist painters.

History remembers the great masters of 19th century painting like Cézanne, Delacroix, Renoir, Monet and Van Gogh but what about the hudreds of young artists who flocked to Paris between the 1850s and the 1950s? The artists who came to the French capital to study in the art schools and Academies were also witness to life in Paris and the creative energy of that time. Most of these painters like Bartoli, Dequene, Genis, Gorus, Canet, Hillairet, and Kislakoff did not go on to become renowned artists in their lifetime perhaps because of the demand of the market, or perhaps because of fashion. However the young artists that followed in the footsteps of the great masters, diligently continuing to paint in the Impressionist or Post-Impressionist style are now known as Les Petits Maîtres - or the Small Masters.

Within this collection of Minor Impressionist works, the artists’ nationality, age, and choice of subject matter vary greatly; what ties these works together is their Impressionist style and common influences. Since their rediscovery in the 1960s, works by the Petits Maîtres have achieved growing interest from museums, galleries and collectors alike.

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Paul Anderbouhr
Les Péniches, c. 1950

Inventory # 51365

Jules Ambroise
Chemin Montant (Uphill path)
Inventory # 51254
Robert Henry Fouques
Les Ramasseurs de coquillages
Inventory # 51835



Marcel Canet
Nature Morte, Pêches
Inventory # 51352
Leo Vilhar
NPort d'Algers, c. 1935-1945
Inventory # 51842

Albert Dequene
Marchand de Légumes, 1921
Inventory # 51255

Louise Dupau
Les Enfants dans le Jardin, 1945
Inventory # 51247
Portrait of a Woman
Inventory # 51356

C. Gordi
Le Phare
Inventory # 51315


Gabriel Griffon
Rayons d'Automne
Inventory # 51355

Pierre Grisot
L'Atmosphère des Courses
Inventory # 51246 
Henri R. Herisson
Inventory # 51686



Louis Jourdeuil
Seascape at Sunrise
Inventory # 51313

Gabriel Hervé
Femme aux Papillons
Inventory # 51357
Wilhelm Kalb
Inventory # 51358

Jaques Lambert
Les Jardins à Versailles, 1902
Inventory # 51687

Romulus Madet-Oswald
Les Poissons, Nature Morte, 1929
Inventory # 51312
Géo Vermeire
Porte de Hal, Brussels
Inventory # 51360

Daniel Pignot
La Plage à Honfleur
Inventory # 51359

Horace Richebé
Le Jardinier dans l'Arbre
Inventory # 51259
Angelo Santagostino
Mattino a Venezia
Inventory # 51367



Auguste Pégurier
Port de Martigues
Inventory # 51318
Marcel Canet
Port de Bretagne
Inventory # 51351
René Genis
Inventory # 51257



Pierre L. Cazaubon
Port de Bordeaux
Inventory # 51971

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Pierre L. Cazaubon
Port de Bordeaux
Inventory # 51972